Web Hacking Arsenal Book Available For Pre-Order

Web Hacking Arsenal Book Available For Pre-Order

For most of 2023, I devoted my time to writing my book, scheduled for publication in August 2024, titled as "Web Hacking Arsenal", It was a pretty tiring and a slow process and hence many have compared writing a book is to eating an elephant and as Desmond Tutu puts out as, “There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” The fundamental concept behind is that if you were to sit down to consume an elephant, you couldn't simply ingest it in one piece. Writing a book is same, it's a process of tackling it chapter by chapter and putting missing pieces together.

Originally slated for completion in 2019, my plans were derailed by the pandemic. While pursuing my Master's on the Chevening program in London, I contracted COVID, which significantly delayed my recovery and led me to request a postponement from my publisher until the end of September. However, by mid-year, financial pressures mounted, compelling me to dedicate more time to the project.

A common question I encounter is the necessity of writing another book on a topic already rich with resources. My response highlights the deficiencies in current materials, underscoring the unique contributions my book aims to make to the field.

  1. The majority of books on this subject are outdated, lacking updates due to limited financial incentives for authors, given the publisher's significant profit share.
  2. Several books focus either too heavily on theory or practice, failing to provide a balanced and comprehensive learning experience for the reader.
  3. Existing literature often concentrates exclusively on either exploiting vulnerabilities or detecting them, missing a holistic view of web security.
  4. A lot of the content is based on fictitious scenarios and uses intentionally vulnerable applications, which lack real-world applicability and significance.
  5. There is a prevalent focus on vulnerabilities in older technology stacks, with insufficient attention to newer technological frameworks that are relevant in current real-world scenarios.

Following are some of the key features of this book:

Key Features

  1. In-depth Exploration of Web Application Penetration Testing: Draws on real-world scenarios and extensive field experience, providing a rich understanding of the subject.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage of Contemporary and Emerging Web Security Threats: Includes adaptable strategies to address future challenges, ensuring readers are prepared for evolving security landscapes.
  3. A Perfect Blend of Theory and Practice: Features case studies and practical examples from actual penetration tests, enhancing learning through real-world applications.
  4. Strategic Insights for Gaining an Upper Hand in Bug Bounty Programs: Offers valuable guidance for those looking to excel in the competitive realm of bug bounties.
  5. Detailed Analysis of Up-to-Date Vulnerability Testing Techniques: Sets this content apart from existing literature in the field by focusing on the latest methods and practices..

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Web and Browser.
Chapter 2. Intelligence Gathering and Enumeration.
Chapter 3. Introduction to Server Side Injection Attacks.
Chapter 4. Client-Side Injection Attacks.
Chapter 5. Cross Site Request Forgery Attacks.
Chapter 6. Webapp File System Attacks.
Chapter 7. Authentication Authorization SSO Attacks.
Chapter 8. Business Logic Flaws.
Chapter 9. Exploring XXE, SSRF and Request Smuggling Techniques.
Chapter 10. Attacking Serialization.
Chapter 11. Pentesting Web Services Cloud Services.
Chapter 12. Attacking HTML5.
Chapter 13. Evading Web Application Firewalls WAF.
Chapter 14. Report Writing.


The book "Web Hacking Arsenal" is available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

Future Work

The book will be supplemented by a comprehensive v course which will contain demos, this is set to release around the same timeline.